as a short name for AKTA ASIA INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD., is the experienced Construction Building Material & Equipment dealer in Thailand. We have various kind of Building materials such as Ceramic Tiles, Sanitary ware, Glass Work, Loose Furniture, Interior Door, Bathroom Cabinet, Kitchen Cabinet, Decoration Lighting and many more especially for high demanding Hotel, Condominium, commercial building and Village etc.


In the year 2012, AKTA start to introduce the prefabricated labour camp in to Thailand.  This type of prduct was introduced into Thailand many years ago but without sucesss as it couldn't fullfill the requirement to the customer from many factor such as Price, Fixed style, unable to modified the building layout etc.  AKTA put a lot of effort into study and analysis to bring better develop and adaptation into the product.  It's not only product itself, but the reasonable, quick installation, look nicer compare to the traditional labour camp in the past.  Until now, top developer in Thailand using our products eg. Italian-Thai Plc., Ritta, Sino-thai, Thai Obayashi, Bougues Thai etc. which is not only for labour camp but prefab office, prefab warehouse and prefab container etc.

Our success is driven by our people and their commitment to get results the right way—by operating responsibly, executing with excellence, applying innovative technique and capturing new opportunities for profitable growth.

Based on over 20 years of our management experiences in this business of Importing and Exporting for various kind of construction Products. We have strongly QA/QC experienced team in China also has a branch office located in Hong Kong for cooperation and supporting team.  The company dedicated to Supply the Construction Materials and Equipment for all the construction projects.  AKTA Asia, insist in people-oriented, stringent and punctual. Working attitude, never give up high-competitive spirit, continue to road to the future, pursue the goal to be the first class enterprise in Asia.